Paper Garden at Tease



Floor Plan

Tease poster

Tease 2010: Full Program 
July 16 – 18
A tempting assortment of dance, theatre, circus, visual arts, and music.

Tease is a 3-night season presented and produced by Corrugated Iron showcasing a variety of dynamic live performances. Tease offers a taste of dance, theatre, music, circus, and a fully interactive visual art installation. Performers will be presenting their own short works (‘teasers’) within the evening’s show, and have worked with professional creative team Alex Galeazzi and Jenelle Saunders to produce this dynamic program. Tease will feature the courtyard Paper Garden, and has also collaborated with Brown’s Mart’s Blue Bar and Happy Yess to present a full bodied performing arts experience for audiences. Tease has emerged from Corrugated Iron’s 18 – 26 theatre ensemble who have been operating over the last few years to develop new performance works for local audiences. 
The Tease Show
The in-theatre show intends to entice audiences with a variety of theatre – comedy and drama shorts, vivid dance – contemporary, classical Indian, pole dance, burlesque, break and hip hop, and a meteor circus work.  The line up includes NICA trained circus artists Shaun Plumtree and Bree McCutcheon, acclaimed Indian dancer Venaska Cheliah, the seasoned writing and acting duo Finn O’Branagain and Danielle Andrews, comedian, musician and actor Phil Densen, established choreographers Shaan Myall with Jess Devereux and Ricky Borg, songstress Yuliana Pascoe, tricksy pole dancer Madeleine Pradier, the robust D City Rockers break crew and many more performers to whet your theatrical palate! The live performance will be supported and enhanced by projected artistry from experienced multi-media designer and filmmaker Tim Parish.

The Paper Garden
Visual Artists Sying Zhou, Sarah Pirrie and Rebecca Arbon
 have conceived and rustled up an outdoor interactive visual art installation as part of the Tease concept. The Paper Garden invites you to trip through the courtyard and will offer on-the-spot workshops to make an origami flower (and add it to the growing garden bed), satisfyingly shred paper (to build the paper wall), step into the Japanese paper booth, or contribute to the paper-plant nursery table. Get your folding thumbs and paper skills honed for this very special tactile art set up. 

Happy Yess
After the show stay around for the Happy Yess program from 9:30pm in the courtyard. The line up has been hand picked to continue the tasty array of live performance with the likes of Matt Rogers, Dean Carroll, ZEDMAJOR, Sweet Amber, James O’Gorman and more. Your Tease ticket will get you into the door for free! 

Blue Bar 
Browns Mart’s Blue Bar on Friday 16 joins the Tease line up and features a selection of song by young established singer/songwriter Yuliana Pascoe for your end-of-the-week unwinding pleasure. Come and have a seat, cradle a cool drink and chill out with this tasty morsel. 
Tease is a theatrical celebration showcasing an array of Darwin’s unique youthful talent. It has been an absolute joy exploring the diversity and range of passionate performers here in the territory” says Artistic Director Alex Galeazzi. “Come, stimulate your artistic sensibilities and interact with our magical paper garden. Be amazed at the cavalcade of performers in our multi-faceted show and delight in what will be a tantalising season”.
Check out the Corrugated Iron Youth Arts website<>  for the full program. 
Tease Details:
 Friday 16th, Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th July. 
Tease Show: 7:30 pm – 9:15pm (with interval)
Blue Bar: 4 – 7pm (Friday 16 only)
Happy Yess: 9:30pm – 1am
Venue: Browns Mart Theatre and Courtyard. 
Tickets: $10 available from 6:30 pm at the door or contact Corrugated Iron to pre- book tickets. 
Paper Garden and Bar: open from 6:30pm each night. 
Rating: PG


“Territory Time” is happening!

15 May - 29 May 2010, Opening at 8pm on Saturday 15 May 2010

Gee! Finally “Territory Time” has got its home.  Still wish with finger cross for a successful opening on 15 May (Opening)

55 High St
Northcote, VIC

Catherine McAvoy
Joshua Bonson
Kris Keogh
Rebecca Arbon
Siying Zhou (artist/curator)

Consisting of artworks by five Darwin sound and visual artists, Territory Time attempts to insert a “true” sense of the Territory, into the Melbourne arts hub. There is neither glamorous photographs of landscape, nor aboriginal paintings geared to the tourist market. Territory Time forms a unique time zone in which a nostalgia for objects, expressive painting, a spiritual sound scape and an anonymous voice feature in an adventure for whoever dares to step inside.

Using materials that are easily found and produced in the Territory, Arbon, Bonson, Keogh, McAvoy and Zhou expose an unpolished Territory of untold stories about their lives in Territory Time.

Keogh brings the most tropical element to the exhibition. Performing a ten-hour live durational performance on opening night, from dust till dawn, Keogh will be incorporating the sounds that he live-recorded in Darwin. The performed music will be recorded and continue to play for the duration of the exhibition. His abstraction of sounds found in nature suggests a beautiful wet and rich land where people may explore in dream. Territory Time also sets a different time for visitors. McAvoy’s “Reminiscence act II” immerses the audience into a sweet and “worry-free” childhood, experienced through her pink dress installation. However, danger lurks under the surface. Bonson, tries to transmit the power and strength of the most dangerous animal in the Territory, the saltwater crocodile, into his expressive painting Skin.  Zhou’s Who’s There?, implies an unstable, violent and isolated society of the Territory via her daily news readings of NT News headlines. Arbon expresses a psychological attachment to Darwin through her work Peregrination. Using copper telephonic wires, Arbon weaves routes she has taken from Darwin across the world, “journeys where I have always returned back Darwin.” Territory Time depicts a quirky and sometimes absurd relationship between its dwellers and a place.

Territory Time intends to introduce a wild, beautiful, ironic and risky Territory to those who dare to know. In this time zone, you may go ‘troppo’, feel nostalgia, or transform violence into a meditation. Come and immerse yourself into this Territory urban zone.

Curated by Siying Zhou

‘Long Grass’ work in The Other APT – online exhibition

Siying Zhou, 'Long Grass', 2008, Paper, wool thread, floral form and cloth

Hosted by cyberTribe,  The Other APT is an online exhibition in response to the 6th Asian Pacific Triennial at QAG and the QGOMA, in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.  Locating on the World Wide Web, the exhibition runs from 01:00am Tuesday, 01 Dec 2009 to 00:00am 01 Jan 2010.

One of my art works, “Long Grass”(2008) is exhibited in The Other APT.


break from news reading

rice field and a photo of anonymous

I had a beautiful experience of listerning the stories of people’s lives.  I was emotionally attached to all the stories.  I seemed to have gone through everyone’s life with them togther.  I worried about their problems and felt sad about their the deceseds.

Suddenly I was dominated by a strong guilty feeling.  I felt that I was like a perver who sneakily broke into people’s hearts and greedly stole thier cherished memories.  I cant find any proper respondses to these story tellers.  Any commons seemed wrong and offensive.

The rice fields in Tembei are beautiful and peaceful.  The Javaness houses are hidden in the green tropical plants.  The soft dirt paths join all the houses in the village.  No traffic noises of motobikes, no sound of car horns,  no Betcak’s hassals  is there in Tempei.

I found a black – white photo in a glass door cabinet in my friend’s accommodation house in Tembei.  I wondered what another dramatic story about life hidden in this image.






At last..

The exhibition was finally ready for the audience before its opening at 8pm last night (14th Nov).  I was really impressed by Indoenisan artists’ works.  Their works brought the sprit of  freshness into the exhibition.

Among Australian artists ‘ works that majorly are dominated by the dark gothic style, the works by Indoenisan artists showed a strong sense of humour and nostalgias.   Showing the solid drawing technique, Maryanto illustrated the memorable moments in his life.   The photographs of the tomb of Wimo’s deceased mother transitted a great amount of attachness between Son and Mother.   The sound of running printing machine brought everyone in the exhibited room into  Rika’s childhood.  Lashita questioned her identity by justaposing the portrait photos of her parents and grandparents that were printed on a transparent plastic sheets.  Sigit’s  four puppets in a red house-shaped frame represented a his memory about his father and mother.

Everyone’s work strongly stood up at the gallery space.  The artist talk is on tonight.  I am ready for a journey that is conjoined by fraction memory of every artists.





Opening in “Heaven”

“Immemorial” project put two groups of artists’ works together (Indonesia artists and australian artists) in term of the curatorial theme of ‘family history’.

Hold in two galleries in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, this exhibition seems to aim for exchanging values on the family and artistic creation between Indonesia artists and Australian artists.

In fact, this is an exhibition where two different cultures collided. With two distingushed ways of working for an exhibition, this project has built many barriers for both Indo and Aus artists. Complaining or whinging about the difficulties and ‘wrongs’ done by others seems to be a very inefficient way to work out problems.

I found a sign carved with ‘Hevean’ word on a tree in the court yard of Roommate, one of the galleries spaces. If it’s true that there was peace in ‘Hevean’, I wish this project would have a peaceful end successful end.